Does Your Tech Recruiter Verify Talent for Technical and Cultural Fit?

Posted by Carbonado on Apr 2, 2020 12:10:04 PM

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By definition, a tech recruiter is more specialized than your standard headhunter or recruiting agency.  These technical talent acquisition experts focus narrowly on filling hard-to-fill positions in IT and engineering (such as DevOps, robotics engineers, or database architects).

Partnering with a tech recruiter is a leg up over generic staffing, to be sure.  Your recruiter may have contacts in the technology industry, and they’ll be intimately familiar with what it takes to draw interest in your technical job listing.  A tech recruiter is an expert in sourcing technical talent.

But how do they verify that talent?  Or do they even verify it in any quantitative way?

The Mainstream Model for Tech Recruiters

LinkedIn Recruiter and other online recruiting tools have made it simple for tech recruiters to scale their search efforts and amass purportedly “matched” results. Manual scouring of professional profiles and job boards has been replaced with easy filters and one-click results. But this has become a double-edged sword. 

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It is now far too common in the recruiting industry to predicate sourcing entirely (or at least heavily) on lazy keyword-searching with these convenient technology tools.  Recruiters can run searches around keywords relevant to your open positions, engage candidates, and pile interested resumés onto your desk. This is, in part, our own fault. The existence of these conveniences has driven up demand for instant results. 

However, your desk is now loaded with superficially matched resumés, some of which won’t even match the job description.  Of those that do, you’re spending resources sifting through candidates to find ones with the right qualifications to justify an interview.  Even those that interview will often fail your internal evaluations or be the wrong fit for your company culture. 

The irony is that incentivizing a quick fix from your recruiter has come at the cost of true technical and cultural fit.  The ‘quick fix’ is often both ‘no fix at all’ and more costly in the long run.

"I can vouch for these issues from my own experience.  While I’m now the CEO of Carbonado, I struggled for years working with mainstream recruiters in my previous roles as VP of Engineering and General Manager within my business unit at Vecna.  In fact, this is what drove me to found Carbonado—to engineer the process of providing the right fit."

— Tufail Khan, CEO and Founder, Carbonado Technologies

The Value of Technical and Cultural Fit

The turnover rate in the tech sector is higher than any other (at 13.2%, it’s even higher than the 13% rate seen in retail). The other side of that coin is that it takes 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary to find a direct replacement.

In other words, the cost of turnover is high.  But so is the cost of a poor-fit hire that does stick around—more than $18,700 per “bad” hire, on average, according to CareerBuilder research. It’s worth it to get hiring right the first time.  

This takes increased focus on a thorough vetting process.  The best tech recruiters will not use technology to cut corners, but to add valuable layers of verification that quantify and qualify best-fit talent.

At Carbonado, we start by linking up with your technical leadership to build out a profile of your culture, tech stack, team organization, and development practices.  This tunes our AI engine as we search for talent. Deep analytics, certified assessments, and social metrics identify top matches, which our domain experts personally interview to confirm cultural and technical fit.  Then we pass the best matches on to you with high-visibility insights in a custom hiring report.

The difference in fit will speak for itself.  There’s no need to overwhelm your hiring cycle with a tower of resumés.  Start with a shortlist of finalists who will thrive alongside your team.

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