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Posted by Carbonado on Apr 16, 2020 9:50:55 AM

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It’s ironic that technical hiring can prove so difficult (time-to-hire for technical positions regularly tops the charts). We’re living in the 2020s now, and somehow the technology sector—of all industries—conducts talent acquisition with many of the same rudimentary techniques that were available 5, 10, or 20 years ago. We can do so much better than emailing resumés and cover letters or assessing a candidate through rote interview questions.

Artificial intelligence, data, and machine learning have grown incredibly sophisticated. The time has come to reimagine technical recruiting agencies from the ground up—to engineer a better technical hiring process.

It Takes an Engineer to Hire One.

Consider the laziness of the mainstream technical recruiting model:

  • You hire a firm or headhunter that promises specialized IT staffing services.
  • The technical recruiters search profiles on LinkedIn with keywords relevant to your job openings.
  • They reach out to verify each candidate’s interest in your open position.
  • A large stack of resumés from “verified” candidates are sent to your desk.

It’s the prevalence of career data on the internet that has spawned this model. Easy access to candidates who include the right words on their profiles sounds like a “quick fix,” but the majority of the resumés you receive are loose fits, and some won’t fit the job description at all.  

Then you go through a standard interviewing process (a limited snapshot at best), only to find that the candidates aren’t the right fit for your company culture. That stack of search-engine-resumés is wasting your time. It’s also the best that mainstream IT staffing firms can do.

Most so-called technical recruiting agencies lack personnel with the background and experience to truly understand these specialized roles or knowledge bases.  It’s difficult to accurately assess candidates for positions that you’ve never held yourself. The best person to interview a software developer is another software developer.

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Technical Recruiting Agencies Should Be “Technical.” 

Algorithms that crawl LinkedIn are a mallet when you need a scalpel. When was the last time your technical recruiting partner conducted a search based on your company culture, tech stack, team structure, and workflow? How many of your recruiters have drawn on experience performing in these roles themselves?

Here’s how we’re different.

  • Data-Driven Search: Our team operates a proprietary AI and predictive analytics engine to locate and qualify top talent.  Through machine learning and human inputs, we custom-train the software to separate the candidates you want from those you don’t.
  • Robust Assessments: All Carbonado talent must undergo a stringent combination of domain skill, general aptitude, and personality assessments that will feed quantifiable scores into a comprehensive hiring report. We separate the exceptional from the average and carefully evaluate for cultural fit.
  • A Team of Experts: Founder Tufail Khan has 20 years of experience across all levels of the software development cycle—a rarity among technical recruiting agencies. His vision for Carbonado was to hire engineers with engineers. Our domain experts individually interview and vet top candidates to confirm both skill mastery and the interpersonal qualities needed for success on the job.

We’re Carbonado. This Is Our Method.

Our process is straightforward. We set clear expectations, find and vet the best candidates, and hand you a verified shortlist of right-fit finalists. You take it from there.

  • The Calibration: Our first step is to connect with your technical leadership and build a detailed profile for ideal candidates.  We’ll take notes on team culture, development practices, tech stack, team organization, release cycles, role expectations, and more.
  • The Talent Search: Carbonado dives into our pool of elite talent, pre-qualified with advanced analytics and social metrics. Our notes from calibration will inform our AI-powered candidate filtration methods. Then, a series of detailed aptitude tests and expert interviews allow us to identify a shortlist of top candidates.
  • The Handoff: We pass along our list, along with valuable insights on each candidate in our comprehensive hiring report.  This resource gives you high visibility into technical skill evaluations, personality assessments, and interview notes.

Mainstream technical recruiting agencies simply can’t provide this level of value and simplicity.  Quality over quantity will save you time and ensure your new technical hire is always the best fit for your culture. Get in touch with us today to discuss your own technical recruiting needs—and how Carbonado can solve them.

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