3 Reasons Technical Recruiting with Carbonado Will Protect Your Budget

Posted by Carbonado on May 15, 2020 4:03:12 PM

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Technical recruiting should be technical…but somehow, this is rarely the case. A mainstream tech recruiting agency tends to look eerily familiar to firms in every other major industry. Recruiters plug keywords into convenient online search engines like LinkedIn Recruiter to collect a large volume of “matched” results.

Almost half of these recruiters spend 30 or more hours a week on this crude sourcing method—leaving precious little time for interviewing and vetting the candidates. The result? A stack of loosely relevant resumes that have a few of the right words on them, and a lot of time and work needed to interview candidates that either won’t get hired or won’t perform up to expectations.

This is a significant drag on your budget, and a major reason it can take 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary to find a direct replacement. There has to be a better way.

Carbonado Has 3 Technical Recruiting X-Factors:

1. Our Proprietary AI-Powered Search Software

According to Statista and Glassdoor, software development engineers and/or IT roles have an average time-to-hire of 41 or 42 days. Anything you can do to shorten that process rescues your company (and budget) from the lost hours, productivity, and revenue spent on a lengthy hiring process. 

It’s about time that a technical recruiting company started putting technology to work. Carbonado set out to engineer the process of hiring engineers. We use numerous data-driven insights—not just keyword matching—to teach our AI engine to locate and qualify top talent. Human hands steer the process with inputs that train the software to separate the candidates you want from those you don’t. 

Our pool of preselected and verified talent (filtered to match your precise needs) will result in a shorter interview process and a much-improved hiring rate. Unlike the traditional model, the high initial quality of our candidates means it won’t take nearly as many interviews to find the perfect fit.

2. Robust Assessments of Personality and Cultural Fit

Technical skills are important, yes, but few technical recruiting firms are properly weighting the value of another success factor: team chemistry and true cultural fit. After all, well-adjusted, comfortable employees with like-minded coworkers can be a huge boon for your budget. They’ll communicate better, learn faster, and stay longer, which are incredibly important in an industry with a 13.2% turnover rate (the highest of any sector).

We conduct robust personality and motivation assessments designed by expert business psychologists to provide you with much more than a “gut instinct” from a brief in-person interview. And our criteria are all based on the top talent from your existing team! By starting with pretests from employees you’d like to clone, we can amass data that will help us achieve better longevity, motivation, and a faster ramp-up for new hires. 

3. We’ve Held These Jobs Ourselves

The cost of turnover is high. But what about the cost of workers who had enough skill to get hired, but not enough to perform at an optimal level? Every poor-fit hire that sticks around costs companies $18,700, according to research by CareerBuilder. It pays to vet skills carefully, in other words. Unfortunately, many technical recruiting companies lack recruiters with real, on-the-job tech experience. The best they can do is to rely on the candidates’ resume and assurances of their qualifications.

Our team at Carbonado has lived in these roles. We’ve worked in the tech sector, at every level of the software development cycle. Therefore, we know what it takes to succeed on the job. Through one-on-one interviews with every candidate, we’re able to get a real sense of their skills for the best possible fit. Our sense of their skillset, limitations, and potential for longevity and growth will all be relayed within our detailed hiring report that comes to you with the candidate.

With Carbonado, you won’t have to worry about making hires only to learn later on that they aren’t the right fit. We’ll protect your budget by helping you find the best talent the first time.

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