Technical Staffing Is Tough. HR Teams Use Carbonado to Make it Easy.

Posted by Carbonado on Jun 8, 2020 11:38:19 AM

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Technical staffing is a challenge for nearly any in-house HR team. Unless your company is still very small, and hiring is handled by the same folks who are developing or engineering your technical solutions, it’s likely that your staff have not held the same positions they need to hire.

In a more intuitive industry, this might not pose a problem. Hiring managers will be able to evaluate experience and skill without trouble. For a highly specialized industry (like software development or data architecture), there are nuances in play that aren’t immediately evident on a resume or list of certifications.

We say it all the time at Carbonado, but it bears repeating: it takes an engineer to hire one.  This is because the technical hire’s methodology will ultimately have more influence than yes/no “proficiency” on the job. Many candidates will be able to identify which tool is relevant to the job (and provide evidence that they’ve operated such tools in the past).  But it takes more than pointing out which tool is relevant—top talent also knows how to use it most effectively for the unique task at hand.  This can be incredibly difficult to assess when your team doesn’t have direct work experience in a similar role.

Many HR teams have little choice but to rely on resume qualifications and assurances from the candidate that they know what they’re doing. Carbonado was founded to change this dynamic. We’re the perfect complement to your in-house hiring process.   

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Carbonado technical staffing experts have personal experience.

When you work with Carbonado, you gain access to a team of technical experts with real-life experience in the sorts of roles you need to hire. Only interviewers with actual software development experience can ask sophisticated technical questions about on-the-job development issues they’ve faced in the past. 

Our team assesses more than a list of qualifications. We probe the candidate’s overall thought process and approach to specific technical tasks—ones we’ve solved in the past and deeply understand ourselves.

We complement our expertise with robust AI and machine learning.

According to the Staffing Trends 2020 report by Staffing Industry Analysts, “nearly all the technology providers that service staffing firms are investing in AI to enhance their products.” This is because the industry is finally waking up to the potential AI offers in solving the inefficiencies of lazy keyword-search hiring that have dominated tech staffing since the advent of online job sites like LinkedIn. 

While automated keyword searches for the right qualifications yield quick results, they’re superficial at best and wildly inaccurate at worst.  It’s time for a technical overhaul of technical staffing. 

Not only will Carbonado contribute deep industry experience to your HR team, but we’ll also revolutionize the sourcing process with advanced technical solutions.  Our proprietary AI engine sources top talent with a comprehensive battery of variables tied directly to your company’s unique priorities and culture.

The next generation of HR staffing solutions has arrived.

HR teams worldwide are starting to realize the benefits of this integrated approach. Staffing Trends 2020 showed strong evidence of this growing support. The most advanced staffing firms, they say, are combining the best new technologies, like AI, with “the best in human intuition and empathy.”

With Carbonado complementing your HR team, you’ll arm your hiring process with all the tools you need to trade piles of search engine resumes for a highly-focused, pre-screened shortlist of the top talent that’s the perfect fit for your company.  Your hiring manager can take it from there.

If you want to learn more about the Carbonado method and how we can support your technical staffing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to help.

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